Even Coronavirus lockdown did not prevent linguistic class 1Ap students from I LO from going on a virtual tour of Cornwall with Leslie, an English teacher and LearningWithoutBorders foundation. We travelled to Tavistock near Plymouth, where Leslie lives and learnt about Cream Tea, scones, Cornwall and Devon as well as spoke some Cornish! Here’s what the students thought of the webinar:

Dyth da!
What impressions have I got after our webinar? It was gripping!
Leslie, a British native speaker who led the webinar, is a music teacher, so he knows that speaking slowly and clearly is truly recommended during events like that!
Leslie took us on an interactive tour through England -starting from London to Tavistock, which is his place of living.
The Teacher showed us the immensity of British landmarks, customs and even food popular in British households!
We  managed to learn words in Cornish, which is a Celtic language still used today. Imagine that you’re ordering a chocolate cake by saying 'my a vynn choklet tesen?’.Isn’t it weird?
By lessons like this you get to know lots of useful expressions, words and maybe idioms, which expand your knowledge and understanding of various topics.
You might travel to Cornwall one day and be able to use these Cornish phrases!